Typical Staining Design

Concrete Staining

Concrete staining has recently become incredibly popular amongst homeowners and commercial property owners looking for a beautiful, unique flooring that is easy to maintain. As opposed to regular paint or film formers which just add flat color, stain saturates the concrete to infuse it with deep, exuberant tones. These tones offer a broad appeal, as stains provide an infinite variety of colors and special effects. There are different types of dyes that are designed to work better for specific areas. For example, acid stains are used outdoors because they can withstand direct sunlight, whereas acetone stains are used for indoor projects and polishing. Although concrete staining is not extremely difficult to install, it only takes a couple of minutes for something to go wrong. The professionals at Extreme Floor Works have the knowledge and experience required to choose the appropriate stains and apply them so that you get the results you are looking for.

The first step towards achieving gorgeous acid stained concrete is simply choosing the colors of stain you want to be used. These stains are available at any hardware or home improvement store and can be mixed to produce a vast array of colors. When choosing the stains, keep in mind the color of the walls in the rooms that you will be installing the floor in. Also, certain tones are easier to maintain than others. Rich browns and darker tones are much easier to keep looking clean, whereas lighter colored floors must be cleaned more often. In addition, you must look for products that are explicitly for concrete staining, as they work better and last longer. Stains have small particles that are absorbed by the concrete and can penetrate as far as ⅛” of the floor. 

Once the proper stains have been chosen, the floors must be prepared for application. First, they must be thoroughly cleaned and dried. Everything that you don’t want to be stained, such as the trim, baseboards, and walls, should be covered with painter’s tape. Also, if the concrete floor you wish to stain was recently installed, make sure it has been given enough time to cure before applying the stain.

 The next step is extremely important, testing a small area, as the color stain you see in liquid form may not be what you get once the stain reacts with the concrete and dries. For example, the color effects will be more intense on new concrete than on older, weathered concrete. To see exactly what the color will look like, make sure to allow the stain to dry completely before applying it to the rest of the floor. Also, if you want a pattern or are using two or more colors in different areas, cut the desired areas with a diamond saw before beginning to stain. By defining these areas with a diamond saw, the cut marks will appear as grout lines in tile and will prevent the colors from spreading and mixing.

Always read the manufacturer’s directions before applying stain. When applying, keep in mind that you can achieve different shades of the same color by applying more stain to one area; however, the first coat must dry completely before another coat may be applied. Once the floor dries to your specifications, it is ready to be sealed.

Consult a concrete professional at Extreme Floor Works to get the perfect look you seek.