Epoxy Coated Kitchen Floor

Epoxy Concrete Floor Coatings

There are many benefits to applying an epoxy coating to your concrete floors. Epoxy coatings keep floors clean and prevent damage such as cracks and chips. People generally choose epoxy as opposed to other sealants for concrete floors because epoxy prevents the accumulation of dust and is much more resistant to other types of damage from things like chemicals, gasoline, and grease stains. Epoxy coatings can be applied to several types of spaces, but are often used on garage floors. The specialists at Extreme Floor Works can help you achieve the perfect flooring you desire.

Before the epoxy coating can be applied, any and all loose pieces of floor must be removed, and pieces that are on the verge of coming loose must be pried off. This includes removing parts of the floor that are chipped, badly cracked, or have some debris remaining in the cracks. Once this process is complete, the floor must then be cleaned to remove any grease, dirt, or oil lingering. If there is any oil or grease that has set-in and is hard to remove, a rotary scrubbing machine will be utilized to extract it. The floor is then vacuumed to remove any fragments of dirt or grime left and then profiled to give the concrete a rough texture to allow for proper adhesion. Following, experts at Extreme Floor Works will then scrub the floor once again with a rotary stripper and shop vac. Lastly, the floor is flooded with water as many times as it takes to pick up the remaining debris.

At this point, the floor is ready to accept the epoxy coating. Trowels and floats are used to apply the coating in general areas. In addition to making sure the space is well-ventilated, the professionals at Extreme Floor Works wear appropriate breathing masks and seal airways so that no one is exposed to fumes. Also, we ask that the temperature of the area where the epoxy coating is being applied remains above 55 degrees Fahrenheit so that the coating can harden. Typically, the floor is able to be walked on after 24 hours of curing, however, it must be allowed to cure for at least 72 hours before a car can be driven on it.

Although extremely beneficial and long-lasting, applying epoxy coatings to your concrete floors can be a dangerous and difficult task for one who is unskilled and unequipped. The experts at Extreme Floor Works have the experience and tools necessary to give you the clean, sleek look you want for your floors.