Floor with Epoxy Recently Removed

Epoxy Concrete Floor Removal

Many warehouses, garages, shops, and manufacturing plants have concrete floors with epoxy coatings that have begun to chip away. At this point, the best method to restore the floors would be to remove the coating and reapply a new layer. The most efficient way to remove heavy coatings such as epoxy is with a grinder with PCD (polycrystalline diamonds). This tool is the result of sophisticated high-pressure, high-temperature technology in which carefully selected synthetic diamond particles are sintered together in a cobalt matrix. During epoxy removal, the total weight of the machine is transferred to the tips of the diamond teeth. Without any support to hold the teeth back, the PCD aggressively grinds deep into the concrete surface, with amazing speed, quickly removing any topical substances and continuing into the concrete, exposing large-size aggregate. In one easy step, the floor is rid of epoxy and profiled to accept another coating. At Extreme Floor Works, we use only the best tools to help you achieve what you’re looking for. Call us today to get a quote.