Polished Marble Flooring

Marble Polishing and Restoring

Marble is generally a softer stone that comes in a variety of hues with exuberant and unique veining. Although some marbles are denser than others, marble will generally scratch, etch, and lose its shine and luster over time, if not maintained properly. If you have marble floors that have become scratched or worn down, it is time for you to call the professionals at Extreme Floor Works to polish and restore your marble floors to their original beauty.

There are different methods to polishing and restoring marble, depending on the condition of the floor. A marble polishing compound yields a highly reflective finish as seen on polished marble tiles and slabs. In conjunction with a high speed burnish, your marble floors will achieve their maximum shine. Another method to polish marble is using steel wool and a marble crystallizer. There are also polishing machines with diamond resins that can be used.

The experts at Extreme Floor Works will analyze your marble flooring needs and choose which method will work best for you. Contact us today to get started on polishing and restoring your marble floors to their fullest potential!