Sleek Terrazzo Flooring

Refinishing Terrazzo

Many structures that were built before the mid-1970’s possess a hidden treasure beneath more recent carpeting and other floor coverings. Terrazzo, which derives from the Italian word “Terrace” or “Terraza”, is a form of mosaic flooring made by embedding small pieces of marble in mortar and polishing it. Although it seemed to have been forgotten, Terrazzo is making its comeback, as the cost to refinish it is only a fraction of its installation cost. Terrazzo can be dyed to create a fresh, consistent appearance, and simple patchwork can be done to create seamless repairs. It can also be densified for additional durability and protection against wear and tear. This convenient flooring maintains its shine and beauty with very little maintenance. Refinishing Terrazzo is a dust-free process that instantly gives you dazzling floors without breaking your bank. Let the professionals at Extreme Floor Works spruce up your mundane Terrazzo floors into the treasure that they are.

Initially, the floors must be cleaned properly. Natural cleaners are used to remove dirt, grease, and grime. Also, wax and other clear-coat finishes are stripped so that you are left with an unblemished surface. Next, chips and cracks in the floor must be repaired. Experts at Extreme Floor Works perfectly match the color and texture of the material so that the filled areas blend in as naturally as possible.

Following is the diamond honing and scratch removal process. Diamond abrasives of different types and coarseness are used to soften gashes and etch marks in the Terrazzo. At first, an aggressive segmented metal bond diamond cuts through wax, glue, and stains. Then, a series of resin matrix diamond abrasives ranging from 30-400 grit smooth the surface and begin the polishing process. This process is done with water so that the amount of dust released is minimal. The resulting slurry is vacuumed with each pass. Also, walls and surrounding areas are covered with a plastic sheet when needed.

Lastly, the process of refining Terrazzo comes to an end with polishing. There are several varying finishes available such as matte and variations of satin. When choosing a finish it is important to consider the functionality of the space being refined. For example, a satin finish may be too slippery for pool decks, lanais, some bathrooms, and commercial property. Once the desired finish has been applied, a sealant is used. At this point, your once-outdated Terrazzo has been redefined into a fresh, beautiful flooring. Let Extreme Floor Works help you obtain the Terrazzo you’ve always wanted!