Elegant Travertine Tiles

Travertine Polish and Restoration

Travertine belongs to the larger family of stone called limestone, and is also known as Calcium Carbonate. It comes in a variety of colors and finishes and makes for a beautiful, sustainable flooring option. Over time, however, travertine tiles can become dull and lose their original brilliance. One pliable solution is travertine polishing and restoring, which we specialize in at Extreme Floor Works.

Naturally porous travertine must be maintained properly, considering its tendency to chip easily over time. To fully restore its original beauty, travertine must be cleaned properly, and holes, chips, and cracks in the tile must be filled. Whatever your travertine floors may need, the experts at Extreme Floor Works know exactly what it takes to fully polish and restore them.

Chips in the tile can be color matched with repair compounds, and honed smooth and polished once they have dried. Scratches and dull spots are diamond honed and then polished to blend with the natural stone finish. Once the process of restoring the tile is complete, the professionals Extreme Floor Works clean the tile until it reaches its original beauty.

Whatever the condition of your travertine floors, the experts at Extreme Floor Works have the tools and knowledge necessary to properly polish and restore your travertine floors to their authentic charm.